Our approach is very simple. Through our network of Country Managers, we get early alerts on investment opportunities in the public and private sector in countries of interest. Depending on the project we take an active stake in the project for its delivery.B Following that, we raise the requisite funds for the project through a network of our financial partners. More »


At UNIME Holdings we believe that for the African continent to be able to match the rest of the world or even start to play in the same space where the whole world is, the influence of modern day technology has to play a major role. Not any kind of technology, but technology that is Africa relevant and world class at the same time. More »


UNIME Enterprise Development Programme More »


We have a very targeted and strategic approach to our involvement in the resources space. our interests lie in Mining, Agro Business, Water Management and Energy (Green/blue) Technology. With a new scramble breaking out for Africa’s resources, we provide various services to the sectors of our interest. More »


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Unime-Holding-Company UNIME HOLDINGS is a global management and Business Development company with the aim to ensure superior service and returns to our clients at the same time, facilitating Africa’s growth, development and participation in the global economy. We achieve this by providing world class solutions to investors, the business sector, public and nongovernmental organizations.

Company Overview 

company overview

UNIME Holdings is a South African based Management and Business Development Company which started operations in March 2004 as a Close Corporation (UNIME & Associates International) and later converted to a Proprietary Limited Company in 2006. We are a diversified company with interests in Infrastructural Development, Finance, Transport and Risk Management, technology and telecommunication services, Mineral and extractive Resources, facilities development and management.

Our Enterprise Development Unit focuses on the support we provide to companies on the continent to phase the next level of their growth. The services in this division go from Start – up to the Omega of a business including business rescue and turnaround for distressed  businesses. Our business approach is systematic and regional with emphasis to cover West, East, North, Central and Southern Africa.



Our approach is based on the fundamental universality of providing African entrepreneurs with a credible and supportive vehicle to assist them in their quest to create value for their countries, regions and ultimately, the continent.

We possess the requisite commercial, technical, and professional experience and resources required by our clients to ensure quality performance of our chosen portfolios. Our goal is to provide service of the highest standard at all times


Guiding Principles